Death Wish 2017: Parakeet & Cat

From our You Figure ‘Em Out! Dept.–We know cats sleep very soundly when they have a mind to, but this parakeet has determined that it shall not be so. Watch him bedevil the poor cat. Marvel at the cat’s patience. And ask yourself, “What does this crazy bird want? Like, dude, don’t you know the cat could eat you?” And for some strange unfathomable reason, the cat’s response is never what it could be. Go figure.

5 comments on “Death Wish 2017: Parakeet & Cat

    1. That occurred to me. I have the impression that this game had been going on for a while, bird pesters cat, cat takes half-hearted swipe in the general direction of bird. If the cat had malicious intent it would have been over with in an instant.

    2. And another clue was there was a person behind the camera filming the whole episode unconcerned 🙂

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