More Computer Hell

The Strange History of One of the Internet's First Viral Videos ...

“The New WordPress Editor is coming!”

I do not want a “new” editor. “New” means “different,” and that means not being able to do my work until I learn a whole lot of new improved booshwa. I never asked for a new editor. I don’t know why WordPress would impose these changes on me. I’ve never done them any wrong that I know of.

So toss away another chunk of time, pleading with the Happiness Engineer to leave me in peace with my old editing format which I can actually use. This is among the least profitable activities I know of. The Happiness Engineer’s solution is always to hit you with a lot of computer-nerd lingo, which to me is just pure gibberish. “Here, stupid! Here’s a passel of extra steps for you to take before you can get any work done!”

Do they hate their customers, or do they just hate me?

I am told that I’ll be getting the New Editor whether I like it or not ’cause that’s what we’re gonna do and we don’t care what you think, so go jump in a lake.

All I asked was to be left alone.

WordPress Foul-Up No. 109,272

When a little kitten chases its tail, it’s cute and funny. When a 68-year-old man does it, they begin measuring him for a rubber room.

I just knew this day could not go by without WordPress coming up with yet another stupid problem. And this one’s a beauty.

They’ve got me a new follower for my blog. Me. Yeah, I’m listed as a follower of my own blog. I lead it and follow it at the same time. No wonder I’m confused. No wonder my readership is down. Who wants to read someone that egotistical?

Wait’ll these geniuses find out that the Indus Valley Script has never been deciphered. That’ll be next. Re-do all the posts in Indus Valley Script. Ain’t it fun to run a tech company?

What’s With Your Comments?

Look, all I know about computer **** is that it happens at bedtime and I don’t know why it happens.

I was wondering where all the comments went tonight; then, as I was brushing my teeth, my wife discovered they were all “pending.” So she clicked “approve,” and they all seem to have disappeared. I never got a chance to see them. By “pending,” I guess WordPress means I should go pick oakum, for all the good anything I do is going to do me.

So, dear readers, if you’re wondering where your comments went, I’m wondering, too. I can only hope tomorrow will be a better day.

What am I saying? It already is tomorrow.

I hope I don’t dream about computers tonight.