For How Much Longer Will America Be Free?

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Tomorrow the U.S. Supreme Court will begin hearing a case whose outcome could abolish religious and artistic freedom in America: Masterpiece Cakeshop Ltd. vs. Colorado Civil Rights Commission (

In 2012 the state of Colorado crushed a Christian baker who refused to obey a demand that he create a custom cake for a “wedding” between two men. He claimed religious and artistic freedom. His custom cakes are works of art, each one unique; and no one ever questioned his policy of not creating cakes with alcohol content or cakes celebrating Halloween. There were, of course, countless other bakers who would have agreed to make the cake: but Big Sodomy and Big Government were determined to make an example of this baker. Scare all the others, don’t you know.

There are four flaming liberals on the Court who might as well not even hear the arguments: they will always vote against religious liberty. Then there’s Justice Anthony Kennedy, who once again finds himself acting as the most powerful man in America, a virtual dictator. Kennedy has a history of being head over heels in love with “gay rights,” so I think we know what he’s going to do. And presto, that’s five votes, and that’s the end of any meaningful application of the First Amendment.

Armed with this precedent, the “gays” can wage war on Christians in any field of public expression, be it art or politics. They will claim the right and the authority, backed up by the government, to dictate the content of works of art.

As a novelist, this makes me fear for my future. All it’ll take is one gay activist demanding that I include gay characters in my books: I refuse, and next thing I know, some (LOL) “civil rights” agency rules that I can’t write any more books, sentences me to sensitivity training, and threatens me with prison.

Think it can’t happen? Well, it already has, in Britain: an artist punished for not including content in his art that the government decided ought to be included. Seems the characters in his story lines weren’t “diverse” enough. His stories about rural English villages were too English. So first they “investigated” him–’cause, hey, y’know, he just might’ve committed a crime!–and then they kicked him off the TV show that he created and made an international hit: Midsomer Murders.(

I will be astonished if the Supreme Court doesn’t pounce on this opportunity to destroy religious freedom in America once and for all–to establish as a matter of law the principle that the only rights that count are “gay” rights: all others are to be subordinated.

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  1. Your scenario would not surprise me at all. It is disgusting, to say the least.
    The signs of the end are accelerating at this time. Consider the UN order for Israel to relinquish their control of the Golan, and the Ezekiel 38 mob of nations now forming their coalition, and we can see it is time to “look up”.

  2. How much longer? My watch says five minutes before 12, the end of the age. “Tomorrow” I expect it to be even closer. Anytime after November 2018…

  3. It’s not just religious freedom it is all freedoms. I wonder exactly when the civil rights movement figured it would be a good idea to erect a Stalinist dictatorship. They must be fought on every front. Isn’t there a new seat opening in the Supreme Court so that President Trump can put in a deciding vote who is not a raving lunatic? Or maybe just not a Stalinist. America didn’t get where it is today by appointing Stalinists to the Supreme Court. Or maybe that is how it got to where it is today.

    These are truly dark times.

    1. DT has filled one seat already, but the bad guys still have a 5-4 majority. Liberals never retire from the Supreme Court. They only leave on a stretcher.

      I just wonder when, if ever, the American people will get good and sick of this and do something to roll it back. It seems we have an infinite tolerance for abuse.

    2. Liberals do seem to have a proclivity for longevity, but chances are good there will be 1-2 vacancies within the next couple of years. Not that I wish ill on anyone of course.

  4. When Arius was trying to pervert Christian orthodoxy on the nature of Christ at a big church council, God had him struck down while he was in the urinal. Remember King Herod receiving praise as if he were the voice of God? God struck him down with worms. Jesus said “..with God all things are possible.” What is to prevent God from striking down all 5 of those liberal SC Justices while Trump is President?

    1. Arius also got a hard punch in the nose–from St. Nicholas!
      Meanwhile, the court could have in effect validated Colorado’s action against the baker simply by choosing not to hear the case–politically, much safer. This isn’t much food for hope, but it’s a little more than nothing at all.

  5. Unfortunately, freedom fled this country many years ago: kicked God out, removal of prayer from schools, gun control laws, Kennedy assassination, abortion on demand, seat belt laws, September 11, 2001, Patriot Act, Homeland Security Act, TSA and all the other alphabet soup agencies – need I go on? We’ve been pretending to be free for too many years to count.

    When Jesus reigns, we’ll be free. Until then, I sure hope they leave you and your freedom of speech via fantasy novels alone!

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