First Grab a Barf Bag…

I have to go to the nursing home this morning–but first, here is what passes for a Christmas tree topper among liberals: Hillary Clinton as an angel.

Crikey, it looks like a decoration for a lesbian “wedding” cake.

I don’t have time, just now, to say much more about it. Only that it’s yours for a mere $80 (aaaghhh!), and it does show you what constitutes worship for leftids. Hey, let’s hear it for the chief of the Clinton White House Bimbo Eruption Team! And her (ugh) “iconic white suit.”

8 comments on “First Grab a Barf Bag…

  1. Have you seen the reverse of the “ornament”? (I use quotation marks because it isn’t very ornamental, to say the least.) There are two holes right around the kidney level. A place for the devil to put his fork in? Or what?

  2. After I’ve finished with the barf bag, I’m afraid I’ll have to fall back on my old stand-by for this one – Oh My Nerves!

  3. Lee, would you be kind enough to remove the link I placed in my post above? During my last visit to the topic on the site, I discovered that in fact two people had posted somewhat tasteless responses to the tasteless ornament. Thanks.

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