If thay Say It its True!!

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Hear at Collidge the Stodent Peples Soviet thay has “a” new pollisy!! Frumb now on if a gay or Lesspian stodent or “a” Trans Gender person “Or” a parson of choler thay says anything yiu Are Not Aloud “to” say diffrint becose If yiu do then It is hat speach and yiu are A Biggit and a Hater and a Racist! and woodnt yiu know, some Racist she sayed Wel “whatt If somboddy” thay says somthing “Abote me” and it isnt True, i amb “Not Aloud” to say its Not True???”” Som of Us Interllecturals we was going To “beet” her up but she “got aweiy” and that made us Sad!! so wee had to play “with” Playdo for a wile!!!

Evryboddy but christins and Biggits thay know “whatt ever” a parson in a Oprest Mynarity thay say,, it jist “has” To Be True!!!and if yiu says It Isnt true than yiu Are a ennema of The Peple “and yiu” Has to get Punnished!!

This it wil Get Rid “of” Wite Privlidge fourevver!!!! and it wil aslo make our Collidge a baschin of Freee Speach!! it wil aslo Get Rid of “Sexural Harrismint” fourevver two!

Dose yore Collidge got a Stodent peples Soviet? It is goood!!!!! Moar powder To the Peple!


7 comments on “If thay Say It its True!!

  1. From now on, disagreeing with me in any way is hate speech. I’m going to announce that at the bank on Monday and then tell them that they have my bank balance short by $10,000,000. If they disagree, it’s hate speech and they’ll be sorry they did that. So they will have to adjust my account balance in their records and then I’ll quit this dead-end job and go into full-time social-justice-protesting, which I’ve heard is a growth industry. 🙂

    1. I think a big reason why that happened is because the people hated their ruling classes for, as they saw it, betraying them to their enemies during the 1930s. Certainly it was the British ruling class that persisted in trying to appease Hitler. To this day the people haven’t forgiven them for that. They trusted their leaders, and their leaders failed them, very nearly to the extinction of their country.

  2. We are only one more law or regulation away from the glorious utopia!
    Forward comrades, the Great Leap Forward.
    Kulaks, Christians, Whitey Crackers, out, out, out!

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