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Yiu Has To Maik Peeple Say Rihght Things!!!

The Blanquist: On Grover Furr and the Moscow Trials

Yiu know,, i nevver Useta think Histry it was “good” “for” anny thing butt nhow I “know” Bettur!!! Heer at Collidge we has jist figgred Out “that” it aynt Enugh to Not Alouw Hat Speach–yiu has to maik peeple say The Rihght Things eevin iff “thay” doughnt Want To!!!!

Thay had tryals in Russha a fiew Yeers Agoe and maid Evvry boddy admitt “that” thay done all Bad Things evin thoehgh thay Didnt and gess watt?? Peeple didnt Dare “say” Bad Things no moar!!! And lyfe in Russha it was byootafull!!!!!

Wel we cood D”o” that heer coodnt we!?! Maik peeple has to say Good Things!! We gotted The Idear fromb Younavercitty of Illannnoy,, thay maid “alll” the Conserfatiff Bad Peeple say thay luv Blaque Lyves Mater and iff thay didnt Say “it” thay wood get Expellt!!!!!!!! Thay aslo maid themb Say Amairaca it is No Good and Racist—wel that reely ficksted themb!!!!!

So heer at our Collidge fromb nhow On “we” are goingto Maik evry boddy say All The Things we “say” “In” the Stoodint Soviet and iff thay woont say “themb” thenn thay whill has to be in Censativvaty Traning and then get Kickked Out “of” collidge fore Goo”d”!! And affter a wile thay “wil” Get Useto saying Alll “thoze” things and thay whil jist say themb “all The time” whith-Out evin thincking abuot it and at Collidge it wil Be jist as Nice as The Soviet Yunion!!!!

If thay Say It its True!!

See the source image

Hear at Collidge the Stodent Peples Soviet thay has “a” new pollisy!! Frumb now on if a gay or Lesspian stodent or “a” Trans Gender person “Or” a parson of choler thay says anything yiu Are Not Aloud “to” say diffrint becose If yiu do then It is hat speach and yiu are A Biggit and a Hater and a Racist! and woodnt yiu know, some Racist she sayed Wel “whatt If somboddy” thay says somthing “Abote me” and it isnt True, i amb “Not Aloud” to say its Not True???”” Som of Us Interllecturals we was going To “beet” her up but she “got aweiy” and that made us Sad!! so wee had to play “with” Playdo for a wile!!!

Evryboddy but christins and Biggits thay know “whatt ever” a parson in a Oprest Mynarity thay say,, it jist “has” To Be True!!!and if yiu says It Isnt true than yiu Are a ennema of The Peple “and yiu” Has to get Punnished!!

This it wil Get Rid “of” Wite Privlidge fourevver!!!! and it wil aslo make our Collidge a baschin of Freee Speach!! it wil aslo Get Rid of “Sexural Harrismint” fourevver two!

Dose yore Collidge got a Stodent peples Soviet? It is goood!!!!! Moar powder To the Peple!


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