When Morons Rule

This is an official video of a city council meeting in New Brighton, Minnesota. The thought that any place in America could be governed by such monkeys is a depressing one.

Watch the mayor and a councilwoman get into a food fight over “white privilege.” Ya see, says the mayor, we are all white folks, so we’ve all got white privilege and we can never-never-never understand folks who haven’t got it… Oh, never mind. When her rhetoric fails, she breaks down and cries. Obviously the councilwoman needs a refresher course in “You didn’t build that.” But she does say, “I know more people of color than you.” Does she win a prize for that?

The only white privilege I am aware of is that of being blamed for everything, expected to pay for everything, and gratuitously hated by every loser who needs to hang his hat on some excuse. That’s “white privilege.” Other than that, it does not exist. And because everything, I mean Everything with a capital E, is now called “racist,” I don’t care about that anymore. The word has ceased to have a meaning. And liberals can thank themselves for that.

Note the white liberal men sitting at the council table like dummies stuffed with rags. Is it possible they’re actually dead? I mean, if the occasion ever called for a raspberry… Well, let’s provide one.

7 comments on “When Morons Rule

  1. Western civilization is turning in on itself, we are essentially eating our own with this sort of diatribe. They think this stuff is important, but it’s not. It’s trivial and trite and causes nothing but contention and disunity. It’s a sure fire way to make Western civilization stall, and possibly crash and burn. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is on the move, and may soon overtake the West. Good for them, but not so good for us.

  2. Yes, I watched it yesterday, and talk about the need for a barf bag?! This is it! The woman is an idiot, and the men were pathetic. I would be ashamed if this were my city

  3. Most of the schools I sub in are a reflection of the coming future. The Whites are in the minority. But let me clarify, at the same time I can’t tell which race most of the non-whites are because so many are a mix of races. For instance, I can’t tell the difference from many of the Latinos from Whites until I read their name or hear their accent. Aisians mix with the Blacks, Native americans with the Italians, and on and on. Racism is on its way out (but never in the PC world of the Marxist Left).

  4. Glorious improvementations will come to the People’s Republik of Minnesota when Somali comrades become the rulers.

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