‘O Holy Night’ ( Andre Rieu)

It used to be, whenever I went to my aunts’ house around Christmastime,  they were watching this guy on television–Andre Rieu, with his Johann Strauss Orchestra. They loved him.

Well, now I can’t go there anymore. The very house has been torn down and replaced, no sign remaining that it ever existed, and they’ve all gone on before, leaving but a few of us on the earth. Aunt Joan is the last of us in her generation.

I will not forget. Hard for me to watch this video, but I wouldn’t want to miss it: the happy times that were shall be again, in Christ’s Kingdom. God has promised it.

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  1. May the Lord bless you in your memories. With many of us, memories of
    our loved ones is all we have. For now.

    1. It should be great. Boy, James Faulkner has had a long career. He was great as Herod Agrippa (the father of King Agrippa in Acts) in “I, Claudius.”

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