Ah, Cripes! More WordPress Problems

I have a post today about “Self-Esteem Games,” and it seems the comments are disabled for this post. I have no idea how that happened, let alone what to do about it. How do I un-disable comments? Search me! I looked it up and all I got was some malarkey about installing some kind of plug-in. All I know about plug-ins is, the last and only time I tried to install one, it let me in for hours and hours of horrendous technical problems.

Trying to contact a WordPress Happiness Engineer, all I got was “email us.”

Oh! And our oven has stopped working, and the “Check Engine” light is on in Patty’s car, we don’t know why, and how I’m going to get anything done this week beats me.

Looking for somewhere to hide…

All right, now it’s fixed. They sent me an email and told me how to fix the problem, and it seems this was successful. That leaves the oven and the car, and a big fat eye doctor appointment on Tuesday that will chew up the whole day. My coping mechanism seems to have broken down today, along with a lot of other things. I am not at liberty to mention serious health problems that have suddenly cropped up for friends and family members.

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  1. Great Scott, Lee. What next?! Sounds quite a lot like what is going on here. This computer is dumber that the previous one, and also slow.
    We have had to replace vacuum, coffee maker, dishwasher and refrigerator/freezer all in the last few weeks. Nothing works worth beans any more.

  2. Sounds all too familiar to me as well. Problems seem to come in groups for some reason. Pulling one’s hair out doesn’t work, but prayers do. You’re in my prayers.

    1. Prayer helped me greatly yesterday. I’m not able to elaborate, at least not for the moment, but a heartfelt prayer to our Creator was answered instantly.

    2. Beautiful! Don’t you just love when Father answers instantly, thereby letting us know He’s listening and greatly loves us?! It would be impossible for me to list all the times He has instantly responded to my prayers. Praise God!

  3. This comment is meant for the Owl and Pussycat video:

    The video is absolutely precious! – a little glimpse into Heaven 🙂

    1. I keep telling everybody that the leaders of the Western world, for some unimaginable reason, refuse to protect their own people–and, indeed, don’t like them very much.

      The German people have no sane reason for keeping Merkel on the job.

      But that goes for the people in most Western countries.

  4. I would opine that WordPress has been messing about with their code again. I was asked to logon again, which should be no big deal, but this time it was. Over the years, more and more programming is outsourced overseas. One problem in this is that people are programming for users that speak English but the programmer may not speak English and this can lead to major problems.

    I would hate to try and program a user interface for users that spoke French, German or whatever. I’d get things wrong because I don’t understand the language or the language conventions. If a company is going to serve end users in various places, they need to hire programmers that speak those languages natively or train people in that locale to become programmers.

    The owl and that cat were pretty good. While the music wasn’t right down my alley, it was much better than most contemporary fare. Yesterday I and a good friend had lunch at a restaurant where the background music was what passes for Pop in our day. I won’t compliment it by calling it awful, it was atrocious and highly formulaic. In the thirty minutes or so we were in there, every sound had the exact same energy, the same feel and none of them had much in the way of melody. The on,y song that was any good at all was the first one we heard, and it sounded like a weak imitation of Brian Setzer.

    When I see seemingly incompatible species interacting like this, I wonder if our Creator is giving us a foregleam of life when things are restored to His original plan. It seems like we are seeing a lot of these sorts of videos lately. Something seems to be happening in the animal kingdom.

  5. Every morning in my devotional time I lift up Lee Duigon, his family, and all those who post on his blog. May the Lord be gracious to us all and give us the grace to live as little children before Him

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