My Newswithviews Column, Dec. 21 (‘The Romance of Failure’)

I don’t know how I cranked this out, but here it is.

Leftids really groove on failure. That’s why they define true patriotism as hoping America loses a war.

5 comments on “My Newswithviews Column, Dec. 21 (‘The Romance of Failure’)

    1. Let them. Let them spit in our faces and in the face of the Living God. No house divided against itself can stand. These people will become the very source their own undoing. They’ve already backed themselves into a corner, watch what happens next.

  1. My wife and I started watching a Hollywood movie with all the famous female actors. It wasn’t very far into the story about Mother’s Day that one daughter had married a Muslim without having ever telling them, and their other daughter had married a woman without ever telling them. Of course, the parents were presented as bumbling fools with Christian values. We changed channels at this point in disgust.

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