My Newswithviews Column, Jan. 4 (‘A Simple Solution to Loneliness’)

Why is it so hard for so many people to understand that “Artificial Intelligence” is not intelligence, but only an imitation of intelligence? I mean, did they think David Frye was really Richard Nixon? But at least David Frye was alive, and doing imitations on purpose. A machine has no conscious purpose.

Bring on the chatbots…

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  1. Good call. In a sense, it is idolatry, the desire to imbue onto inanimate objects the characteristics of being alive. But these machines are not alive, and truly not worth anything as companions.

    If you have ever used a tablet computer you will know that it pesters you to install updates at the most in opportune times. They don’t deliberately intend for it to be irritating, but it turns out that way, nonetheless. The machine can’t tell that you are busy, or in a hurry and simply need to use the tablet to, look up a phone number, or the like. so it pesters you when you are busy, just like an annoying child. It can’t be your friend, because it cannot have empathy or compassion. Sure, you can tell it to delay the update, but that takes time and distracts you from whatever you were doing. It can’t possibly sense what you are doing ahead of time from non-verbals cues.

    My guess is that this will hit the market and could even become a fad, of sorts, but in the long run this is a product that will be a speed bump in history’s path.

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