The Peaceable Kingdom

Just a little glimpse of heaven–good dog napping with three kittens.

This is what it will be like when God regenerates Creation, minus sin and death. He has most graciously given us brief glimpses of it. This is where we belong. This is what He has in store for us. God is love.

2 comments on “The Peaceable Kingdom

  1. I could certainly think of harsher fates than being cuddled by three sleepy kittens.

    This IS where we belong. In the restitution of all things I imagine my leisure time as involving guitars, hammocks, lots of children and lots of animals all around. Minus sin and death these things are easily attainable.

    Imagine it! Knowing your children would always be safe and that you’d always be able to provide for them. Having a beautiful relationship between humans and animals where we could always exist in harmony. Using our skills for the good and not being in financial peril. Teaching our skills to the young, not in some politically motivated education system, but by working patiently with youth as they copy and learn from our skills. It is within the reach of our Creator.

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