Thay shuld Give yiu yore Monney back For Dead chrismis Trees!!

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I whish Calaffornye wuld Get Biggger so our Collidge “culd” be “in” it!! Becose thay doo things Rihght in Calaffornye!!

Thare was this lady she buyed A chrismis Tree at Cost Co and then It dyed so she taked “it back” to The stoar and sayed thay shuld Give her her Monney back becose the chrismis Tree it dyed! ( And yiu know Wat thay done?? thay gaved her her Monney!That “is” how thay dose it “In” Callaffornye!!

i think ore Collidge is in Illanoise or maybbe Onterryo i forget witch! Wye cant Thay make Callofornyer bigger so Our college it “culd” be in thare???

Like whoo did them Dirty Captilists think thay was to be seling That lady “this” no good Tree that dyed affter she “put” it up for chrismis?? But thay are Not the ownly ones!! Hear at Collidge thay put “a” chrismis tree in one of “the” Dormes and it was lovly i seen it; for Ornimints thay had Con-doms and Izlambic stuff whith a buitifull Hillery Angle on top of “it” and that tree it turnt All “brown” becose it Dyed tooo and it Evin catched on Fire when thay tryed to Deckarate it whith a Joint of Marawana!!! Thay was “Luckie” the hole Dorme it didnt Burn Down!!!!

It jist gose to Show yiu captilism it is Bad and yiu cant Truss no captilisks becose thay awlyays treying to Cheet yiu!! That is wye Us “who is” Socile Jutstus Wirers wee cant nevvir take no Day Off!!

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  1. Thank God It’s Friday because that means Collige Joe is going to post. I already thought he was in a Callaffornye college. I went to three of them and saw Streaking, Jayne Fonda, and Viet Nam War demonstrations that shut down the school and blocked the freeway. One of them even did experiments in the Psychology Dept. with illegal LSD – what a State! And now recreational marijuana is legal in Callaffornye – what a cash cow for psychologists & psychiatrists as the incidence of schizophrenia skyrockets among the young.

    1. Joe does not actually know what state his Collidge is located it. It could be California, for all he knows. He can’t even name all 57 states.

  2. I’m surprised that Joe’s collidge still allows the trees to be called “chrismis” trees instead of winter trees or solstice trees or kwanzaa trees — or Marxmas trees.

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