Trump Kids Ripped for Shooting Dinosaurs

Once again, Mark Dice takes to the street to ask people some absurd questions and get some absurd answers. Here we have assorted passersby condemning President Trump’s sons for hunting and shooting a triceratops, pterodactyl, woolly mammoth, sabertooth tiger…

Bear in mind that every one of these respondents is the product of the costliest, most technology-intensive, most extravagantly praised education system in all of world history. And despite the popularity of prehistoric animals in our consumer culture–toys, movies, TV specials, you name it–there seems to be a goodly chunk of the public that is unaware that these creatures ceased to exist a very, very long time ago.

Yes, I know it’s the easiest thing in the world for Mark Dice to interview a whole lot of people and then just select the responses that he wants to show us.

But in this case there shouldn’t have been any.

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  1. And these people function in this society. He’s not doing these videos on skid row, it looks like a high dollar area. That last woman he interviewed looked quite well dressed. These are people with money, which means that some very poorly educated people are somehow managing to bring in an above-average income. I wouldn’t have fallen for this when I was in Second Grade!

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