Hamsters Ain’t Human

For those who have trouble distinguishing between hamsters and human beings, this video should be helpful.

Imagine humans spinning around in a wheel as fast as hamsters spin. Now try to imagine them doing it without throwing up.

Imagine a pair of human legs moving as fast as hamsters can move their legs, so that they’re just a blur, like in a cartoon. How fast do you suppose you could run, if your legs could move like that?

Need we add that any human would be hard-put to stuff a whole corncob into his mouth and make it disappear?

6 comments on “Hamsters Ain’t Human

  1. Try to convince me that they aren’t having fun. Go ahead; try.

    These reflect the Creator’s love, plain and simple. He makes animals so that they can enjoy life. In this fallen world things are not always so beautiful, but in the restitution animals will have a better life, too.

  2. Way too funny! We always had hamsters when our daughter was little. We would put them in a plastic ball and they would run all over the house bumping into things – it was hilarious. The trouble is, hamsters don’t live very long – too sad on a little girl’s psyche, so we graduated to bunny rabbits.

    1. That’s the problem. I love the little guys, they are dear little creatures, but they last a year or two at best and it’s especially heartbreaking for a child.

    2. We see the wonders of life in our pets and we come to love them, in part because we have so much in common with them. The solace in this is that all we admire in our pets actually comes from our Creator, and He isn’t going anyplace. There will be many, many lovely animals in our future when all is restored.

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