‘Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus’

I’ve got the dentist this morning, affectionately known to his patients as “Vlad the Impaler,” my state’s new Democrat governor has announced his plan to turn this into a “super-sanctuary state” for all illegal aliens, and a happy hunting ground for their street gangs,  and then I received some very sad news from a friend–all in all, Erlene’s suggested hymn for the day, Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus, could hardly come at a better time. This one’s sung by Alan Jackson.

3 comments on “‘Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus’

  1. Thank you, Lee for posting this. It is one of the most calming sources in life; to just lay everything aside for a time and concentrate on our glorious, wonderful Lord who has all things in His hands.

  2. Thank you, Lee and Erlene. Sometimes we need to be reminded that this world is only a stopping place — but we still need to tell about salvation to this “world that is dying.” A good hymn for today in many ways.

  3. I agree, Phoebe. We are not to just be marking time, but are commanded to be about our Father’s business, reaping and gleaning in the harvest fields.

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