This Is Journalism? Teens Demanding Vaccinations?

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The gang at the Chicago Tribune–do they truly think we can’t see their bias?

The headline reads, “Unvaccinated teens fact-checking their parents and trying to get shots on their own” ( Like, how many times, when you were 14 or 15 years old, did you find yourself sitting on the porch steps and thinking, “Gee whiz, I wish I could get more vaccinations! Confound my parents! What could they be thinking of?” Hint: never.

The Trib digs up one 18-year-old who posted such a thought on Reddit–“god [sic] knows how I’m still alive”–and from it extrapolates a mass movement among teenagers who want to be vaccinated against freakin’ everything. This kid’s parents didn’t think so. The fact that he’s still alive casts doubt on the urgent necessity for beaucoup vaccines. His Reddit post did get a lot of comments, from which the Trib deduces “a growing discussion online.”

And they begin a sentence with the words, “As anti-vaccination movements metastasize…” You know–like cancer. Cancer metastasizes. Ooh! Doggone dogma!

This is ideology. Secular humanists keep promising to deliver us an earthly paradise, free from disease and poverty and bad dates, etc., if only we’ll all do as they say. In their world, no disease will be allowed–so there, God! You couldn’t do that, but we can! If only the ignorant rabble will obey us. So their own dogma demands that everyone be vaccinated against everything; and then, if a disease does turn up somewhere, it must be because some religious fanatics failed to heed the government.

I wonder what my parents would have thought of me “fact-checking” them. They didn’t generally use the word “hubris,” but in that event it would have come in handy.

I really shouldn’t need to add that some vaccinations have done good (the smallpox vaccine, just to name one)–but to vaccinate against every possible disease is just utopian humanism running wild. But then it doesn’t know any other way to run.

They Still Think You’re Stupid

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She’s baaaaack…

I went to the eye doctor yesterday, where I was subjected to television. That meant an endless stream of promotional spots for the “reboot” of Murphy Brown, the show whose heyday was 1988-1998, starring Candice Bergen as the hardboiled crusading… “journalist.” She’s back for the reboot.

Hmmm… TV news ratings suck lately, and public esteem for “journalists” is at an assiduously-earned all-time low. Because all they do is bash Trump and we don’t believe them anymore. So why bring back Murphy Brown?

Because they think we’ll fall in love with her again and then go back to loving, respecting, admiring, and believing the fake nooze merchants who clutter up our airwaves. Love Murphy, love them. Dude! Would Murphy Brown ever lie to you?

The most off-putting feature of the promo spots was a parade of middle-aged adults dancing around like teenagers. I am sure they were supposed to be cool. Trendy. If I ever thought anyone ever saw me as trying to be trendy, I would be unbearably ashamed of myself. There is something grotesque about fiftyish folks trying to pass for fifteen. The message, I think, is that if you watch the new Murphy Brown, and rediscover your high esteem for her real-life colleagues in the nooze business, everyone will think you’re cool.


Our nooze media have degenerated to being nothing more or less than minions of the Far Left Crazy Democrat Party. They do not deserve our respect.


Now Trump’s a Dummy, So They Say

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Let’s see… He plots with the Russkies to deny Hillary Clinton her rightful ownership of the White House, he’s crazy as a bedbug, he’s a Nazi… and now he can only communicate “at a fourth-grade level,” according to Newsweak and other Democrat nooze media (

We’ve just seen yet another Mark Dice jidrool-on-the-street interview with a bunch of passersby, all of them, probably, with college degrees, who didn’t seem to know that dinosaurs, woolly mammoths, and sabertooth tigers have been extinct for a very long time. They were upset because Dice told them Donald Trump’s sons were going around shooting these prehistoric beasts.

Yeah, but the same “study” showed that Jimmy Carter is a blooming genius when it comes to using advanced vocabulary.

But that’s the Democrat nooze media for you–all attacks on Trump, all the time. One after another, they keep on trying  various schemes to undo the election. They just can’t live with the fact that their gal lost.

It isn’t news anymore. It’s only politics.

‘It Was on the News!’

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I’m in the doctor’s office, waiting to pay my bill, and two women behind the counter were arguing about whether their iPhone could or couldn’t do a certain thing. The one had her phone in her hand and said, “Look! See! It can’t do that!”

But the other only said, and she must have said it twenty times, “But I saw it on the news! It was on the news!”

So “the news” is now the gold standard of absolute truth? Even trumping the evidence of your own senses? If it’s on the news, it must be true?

What about stuff that wasn’t on the news? Never happened? Doesn’t exist? Can’t be true because it wasn’t on the news? I think of people that I know who never heard of the Climategate scandal because the Democrat TV nooze refused to report it. This was proof, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the whole Climbit Change business is a fraud. But no–it wasn’t on the news. Global Warming was, though, so Global Warming must be true.

Even when the noozies aren’t just plain lying to us, or suppressing unwelcome information, leaving things out that would otherwise refute The Narrative, the nooze can always fall back on sloppiness or ignorance. I have been a reporter and an editor: I know. Very little effort is made, anymore, to tell the truth.

There were, of course, other news outlets, many of them from Britain, that did bother to report Climategate. With a little extra effort, and the Internet, you could find out all about it. But if you’re just going to sit in front of Democrat TV and take only what they give you, there’s no hope you’ll ever get the straight story. It’s distressing to think there are so many people out there to whom that description applies.

The power of the nooze media is a terrible thing, and it’s doing us no good.

A New Low for CNN

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So there was a White House press briefing the other day, with Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders; and some nozzle from CNN asks, “Sarah, does this administration  believe slavery is wrong?” (

Well, let’s see… Slavery in America was ended  over 150 years ago, the only places left where it exists are in certain corners of the Muslim world… and they wonder why anyone with an ounce of sense or decency despises today’s nooze media?

“Why, no, Stupid, all of us here at the White House think slavery is right, and that’s why we’ve just opened a slave market on the White House lawn…”

Really, why would you even ask such a question, unless you were an unmitigated ass trying to show off to all the other asses? “Oh, I’m so clever, I could just hug and kiss myself to death! Now they have to deny that they’re in favor of slavery–what a headline!”

To the noozie with nothing but impenetrable wood between her ears: Well, my ancestors were enslaved by the Romans, and what’s anybody gonna do about it? What–you don’t care, because it was so blamed long ago?

The Democrat Party, including its subsidiary known as “the nooze media,” is the race-baiting party: and slavery, albeit so long ago, the best damned thing that ever happened to it. A race riot is music to their ears, the sweetest music that they know.

They richly deserve to be put out of business forever.


Meanwhile, Back in Australia…

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Well, as far as my book goes, I’m dead in the water until the IT guy can come and hopefully rescue my chapters.

Meanwhile, the nooze media in Australia show they’re as far out on the Left as our own noozies in America.

Next month they’re going to vote in Australia on whether to impose “gay marriage” on themselves–and guess which side the impartial journalists are on, big-time. The Yes Vote looked like it had clear sailing, but got carried away with the usual leftid name-calling, threats, and bullying, and put a lot of people off, enabling the No Vote to make up lost ground.

An ad produced by three “mums” opposed to the whole enterprise quite reasonably argued, “Our kids are not your social experiment”–referring, of course, to the radically pro-homosexual “sex education” that will be the rule in every school, once same-sex pseudomarriage comes in. This has happened here, in Britain, in Canada, and in several other countries.

But the noozies report it as “a bizarre new video” by the No Mums “stating their case against marriage equality” (–loaded language, and how! Well, this is what happens when leftids get to define the terms of the discussion. “Marriage equality”–that label stinks. And of course ordinary family life would seem “bizarre” to any leftid noozies, who can only think in terms of abortion, homosexuality, and “gender reassignment.” For them, that’s the normal stuff. To them, regular people are “bizarre.”

No Western country yet has been able to defeat the cultural Marxist “gay rights” Trojan horse. They’ve all permitted it to be wheeled through the gates.

Join Poland in prayer, everyone.

We need it.

Germany to Ban ‘Fake News’

It’s been over 70 years since Germans lived under a dictator; but they don’t seem to have lost their knack for it.

See, it’s just not possible that the German people might be just a tad disenchanted with Kaiser Angela Merkel’s totally insane policy of flooding the country with Muslim “asylum seekers” who then proceed to raise cain everywhere. Nope, they can’t possibly not like that. No, says Angie: it’s just “the public being manipulated by fake news and propaganda.” ( )

And you know, you just know, a certain lame-duck president is banging his head against the wall for not thinking of doing up an executive order banning “fake news”–six months before the election, say.

What is “fake news”? It’s whatever The Government says it is. Angie’s CDU Party is pushing legislation right now to outlaw “fake news” on the social media. She has an election coming soon, and she doesn’t want the voters to read unflattering things about her.

So far all the fuhrer–er, furor!–has been about “fake news on the social media.” Like you never see fake news on the big fat “mainstream” nooze media? What, never? Twelve-minute break for belly laughs.

And what if a conscientious journalist–hey, stop laughing!–in spite of his best efforts, gets a story wrong? Is it fake news? And if exactly the same story is published by Alex Jones on Infowars, and on the front page of The New York Times, why is it fake on Infowars and legit on the Times?

The beauty of authoritarian government is, you just don’t have to bother with a lot of pesky questions. You just go ahead and do it, whatever it is. You want to bring in a million more Muslims, all of them lawless men of military age, just just do it. And if it kills your country, so what? You’re much more interested in a one-world government, anyhow.

But first you have to control the flow of information.

If you can control what people know, you can control what people think.