Are Males Doomed?

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Oh, feminists are gonna be dancing in the streets over this!

According to some scientists–and remember, Science is always right!–writing in the science journal, Conversation, the Y-chromosome, which males have and females don’t, is “rapidly disappearing” (

At the rate it’s going, the Y-chromosome’s days are numbered. For all practical purposes, say the scientists, it will be gone, adios, goodbye… in 46 million years.


Gee, I guess, whatever we’re thinking about getting done, we’d better get done! Like, the clock is ticking! Oh, the scientists say life will find a way and probably generate “male fetuses without Y-chromosomes,” but how can they be sure of that? We are men, and Evolution’s gonna punch our ticket!

Probably to fix us for all that bad stuff we do.

When the initial feminist euphoria wears off, after the first 500,000 man-less years or so, that’s when the second thoughts will set in. After kajillions of years blaming men for everything, who they gonna blame now? Like, won’t it be so embarrassing if a women-only world doesn’t turn out to be paradise? What if there are still wars, still poverty and inequality, and people–well, only women and girls–being mean to each other?

Maybe feminists somehow skipped childhood. They show no sign of even suspecting what sorts of things girls in middle school get up to.  Some of them would be feeding each other ground glass if you didn’t watch them closely. Maybe the Elizabeth Bathory Chapter of NOW needs a refresher course in reality.

So us guys are going extinct and then, gals, you’ll be on your own, no one left to blame for anything that goes wrong.

What could be a more dire fate for feminists than to get what they say they want?

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8 responses to “Are Males Doomed?

  • UnKnowable

    Very clever post. I think they are right, 1/46,000,000 of my Y chromosomes slip away daily. Think of all the money I’ll save on razor blades. 🙂 I’ve got about a 2 year supply built up right now, but in another 11,500,000 years I need to reduce my automatic order frequency or I’ll be in a razor-blade glut. 🙂


    • leeduigon

      Reminds me of a joke:
      Professor tells his class, “The Sun will burn out and die in 15 billion years.” And a student faints.

      When they revive him, they asked what was the matter. “When did I faint?” he asks. “Right after I said the Sun was going to burn out in 15 billion years.”

      Deep sigh of relief. “Aaah! For a moment there, I thought you said 15 million!”

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  • Erlene

    Yeah, good one. All those disasters just waiting around the corner for us
    (well give or take a few billion years) SCARY! This is the best joke of the day so far.

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  • thewhiterabbit2016

    This post put a smile on my face – funny!
    Don’t young girls still go through a “boy crazy” stage when boys still aren’t’ into the opposite sex?
    With more females in college than males, and more and more females appointed to high positions of authority (example: U.S. Supreme Court), maybe men are on the way out as they seem to become more and more feminized as time goes by.


  • Erlene

    Now that is something I have noticed; the weird feminization of men. I would never have believed it could happen. I can only imagine what my dad and the men of his era would have thought about this. Males wearing crazy hairdos, jewelry, etc. Looks like they are trying to outdo the nutty
    females. Both are nuts.

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