Snow Fun for Cats

Some of the humans in this video have serious snow accumulation, drifts pressed up against the door. Folks out here in New Jersey would absolutely freak out if that ever happened here. But cats can handle it: watch and see.

And don’t miss the cat who figures out how to use a toboggan.

5 comments on “Snow Fun for Cats

  1. Watching those cats dig through the snow reminds me of on reason I like cats so much: when there’s a job to do, they just do whatever it takes to get the job done.

  2. I held my breath when the kitty slid off the roof! and the ones who were over their heads in snow gave me pause. But they all sure seemed to be having lots of fun!

    By the way, Lee, we do get snow like that here in Western New York – yuck!

    1. Once we did have a deep blizzard, and I went out with my fishing waders on, trying to clear the doors. On my way, I slipped and fell–and found myself so deep in snow, I had a really hard time getting up again because there was nothing to push against. Visions of them finding my skeleton, come spring…

  3. Snow seems distant to me today since it is sunny and to reach 65*, where last week it got down to 7* in the morning. But this is Arkansas where the weather changes as fast as a politician’s stance on how best to serve his constituents.
    The cat riding the toboggan is priceless!

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