Bonus Video: Cheesed-Off Bunny

Enough already with the loony politics! Let us soothe our minds with this bunny video.

The bunny doesn’t want the confounded toy in his bed and keeps throwing it out. And the stupid human keeps putting it back in. It’s such a cute bunny, I couldn’t resist posting the video. But I think his wishes should have been respected: knock it off with the freakin’ plastic toy! Then again, the exercise and stimulation might be good for him; I’ve never had a bunny, so I wouldn’t really know. But I’m pretty sure this would not be a wise thing to do with your pet monitor lizard.

10 comments on “Bonus Video: Cheesed-Off Bunny

    1. My savannah monitor once bit me while I was medicating her. It was just like getting your hand caught in a car door. Actually, she let me off easy.

    2. I wouldn’t want to go through that. Reptile bites are painful in any event. The only snake that ever successfully bit me was a little green ribbon snake and while the bite itself was tiny, it hurt to high heaven. I’ve heard that their saliva is high in Serotonin and that makes it more painful.

  1. I’m thinking the bunny might actually be enjoying it. I’ve had three bunnies in my life, and when they are annoyed they usually thump their feet or make grunting noises.

    1. It occurs to me that this game might be the next best thing to playing catch 🙂

  2. Since there was plenty of room for the bunny and the toy in the bed, I’m going to vote on the side of stimulation, playtime and attention. We’ll have to wait for thewhiterabbit’s input 🙂

  3. The bunny and owner are just having a whole lot of fun, and good exercise for the cute little guy. You can tell the bunny is well cared for by it’s shiny, healthy looking fur coat. I couldn’t help but smile away the whole time.

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