You Can’t Satirize This: ‘Chelsea’ Manning for Senate

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I cannot bring myself to post a picture of Mr. Manning, so here’s a marine iguana, instead.

So it’s come to this: a Democrat U.S. Senate primary, in Maryland, featuring a transgender loon who’s been convicted of (and served seven years in prison for) leaking confidential government documents: Brad “Chelsea” Manning (

Mr. Manning, who is not, in fact, a woman, had his “sex changed” in prison. The American people paid for it.

He runs on a platform of open borders, closing all prisons, and releasing all the inmates. Yeah, that’ll work. He’d also like to disarm the police, if not abolish police altogether.

You’d think this was something made up by a madcap satirist, but it isn’t.  Mr. Manning, says The Guardian, has “positioned herself [sic] to the left of Bernie Sanders.” We are surprised to hear there is a left of Bernie Sanders.

Please don’t say we deserve this.

7 comments on “You Can’t Satirize This: ‘Chelsea’ Manning for Senate

  1. What’s horrifying is that the man (not woman) is a convicted traitor, and yet people are taking him seriously as someone who should have a hand in directing the course of the Nation that he betrayed.

    This is why convicted traitors should be executed — swiftly — rather than just sent to prison until someone who’s also a traitor at heart is in a position to commute his sentence.

  2. The whole leaking confidential government documents should be an automatic disqualifier for running for office.

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    1. I think that’s some kind of error message. I don’t know how Facebook works. I do know, when I post an article, it winds up on Patty’s FB page (which is the only one we have). What happens next, I have no idea. I was hoping readers would be able to share my posts on their FB pages, but I don’t know how to make that happen.

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