Bonus Video: Wacky Hamsters

This hamster compilation leaves us with two perplexing questions.

How in the world are they able to run so fast that their legs become a blur, like in a carton? Imagine how fast you could run, if you could move your legs like that.

And how are they able to spin themselves around so much without ever seeming to get dizzy? I mean, really, if you were on a merry-go-round that was going around as fast as some of these hamsters spin their wheels–well, you get the picture.

2 comments on “Bonus Video: Wacky Hamsters

  1. Oh my goodness! What fun! They couldn’t be cuter 🙂 You’re right, Lee – they look like cartoons with those little legs moving so fast. It’s hilarious when they’re on a wheel and running so fast that as soon as they stop they flip themselves right out of the wheel!

  2. They seem to be able to do the impossible. I’m trying to figure pit how they could reverse the direction of those wheels without any apparent effort. Add to that the fact that they are impossibly cute.

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