A Market Waiting to be Filled: College Degree Removal Service

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With virtually everybody going to college and earning (or buying) some kind of degree or other, and with so many degrees awarded to mastering perfectly useless or inane fields of pseudo-study, employers are no longer much impressed by a job applicant’s status as a college grad. A hamster can probably get a degree, as long as someone pays his tuition. It’s gotten so bad, even applicant-helping websites like “Jobscan” are admitting that there are times when you definitely want to leave your college degree off your resume (https://www.jobscan.co/blog/education-on-resume/).

But we need to go a step farther. Why should your college degree follow you, like a felony conviction, all through your life? Why should a spate of youthful carelessness and gullibility render you forever unemployable?

If you’ve got a degree in Superhero Studies, Lesbian Literature, or whatnot, don’t give up hope! You’re in exactly the same position as some poor devil who, in a moment of folly, had himself decorated with a big fat tattoo that now embarrasses him to death.

Well, he can go to a tattoo removal service and get this emblem of shame permanently erased from his skin. And someday you ought to be able to do the same to your superfluous college degree. Sooner or later someone will devise a way to purge this embarrassment from all your records, leaving you unencumbered in your quest to find a job.

Whoever’s first to grab this market is gonna make a lot of money!

5 comments on “A Market Waiting to be Filled: College Degree Removal Service

  1. This is a business opportunity for Joe Collidge! He will accept the burden of your degree, for a reasonable fee, and then one can compete without the hindrance of a PHD in Intersectional Underwater Basket Weaving. 🙂

  2. Since we are talking about things that are embarrassing and useless, how about the official Smithsonian picture of former President Obama with him sitting in a chair in the midst of a wall of ivy looking leaves? It reminds me of avant-garde architecture that years later is a sore thumb. There is no telling how much money the artist who painted it received for his “vision.”

    1. As long as we’re going to disgrace ourselves by being governed by a Marxist who thinks there are 57 states, we might as well have a painted portrait of him, too. But a stick figure would’ve been more appropriate.

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