I’ve Been Quoted in the Big Time!

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If you turn to Robert Knight’s column on townhall.com today (https://townhall.com/columnists/robertknight/2018/02/13/free-money-and-pigeons-n2448155), you will find Yours Truly being quoted–in the national media, no less.

The column is about the Stockton, California, mayor’s lunatic scheme to give “the poor” a Universal Basic Income–free money, just for… well, nothing. And its likely effects on the poor devils who will have to keep working to pay for this.

UBI is a favorite fantasy of Democrats and other leftids, and deserves every brickbat we can throw at it.

Here’s a link to my original blog post from a few days ago (https://leeduigon.com/2018/02/05/city-to-embark-on-mad-experiment/).

Thank you, Bob, for helping me to be heard.

14 comments on “I’ve Been Quoted in the Big Time!

  1. Way to go, Lee! It’s nice to know that what you say matters and sometimes actually does make a difference. Excellent!

    1. If it’s a one or the other kind of deal, we wouldn’t know what to do without you!

    2. Thing is, I’m stretched pretty thin and I don’t think I could write much more than I’m writing already. For Chalcedon, for Newswithviews, for this blog, and my books on top of that. People who think it’s easy are very much mistaken.

    3. You really do have an overflowing plate. I’m glad we get a place at your table 🙂

    4. Let me tell you about the hardest writing job I ever did.
      The editor at Pinnacle/Zebra books ordered me to rewrite my whole horror novel, “Schoolhouse,” from top to bottom. The whole thing. And gave me ten days in which to do it.
      Patty won’t let me do that again.

      I wish I really did have a table where a bunch of us could get together and say mean things about Obama. Or whatever else we wanted to say. This fellowship means a lot to me.

    5. I think I can say this blog and the fellowship it’s brought means a lot to all of us, Lee, and so do you!

      And Patty is a wise woman! I honestly wouldn’t have thought such an insane thing could happen even one time, but I’m certainly glad Patty put her foot down thereafter.

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