Kittens: So Cute, It’s Just Awful

My cats, Robbie and Peep, sure got a rise out of this video.

Admit it–you’d just love to reach out and grab one or more of these kittens and cuddle it like nobody’s business. It might also get them to cool their jets.

If I still had my painted turtle and he heard this sound track, he’d be excited. He had this enduring hope that someday Henry the cat would feed him, in addition to us feeding him. Henry never came across with the goodies, though.

10 comments on “Kittens: So Cute, It’s Just Awful

  1. Ok. I’m in love and I want them all! 🙂 Isn’t it something how they each have a different sound? And some sure are louder than others! 🙂

  2. Aw, what sweeties. Thanks, Lee.

    Haven’t been replying much this week because I’m down with the killer flu that’s going around — four days, now, of fever. So it’s hard even to sit up at the computer, let alone think clearly. Prayers would be appreciated.

    1. Amen! In Jesus’ Name we pray a speedy and complete recovery for our sister, Phoebe.

    2. Thank you, all, for your prayers. I’m still running a fever, and so weak I can hardly stand up long enough to feed my cat Iggy, but I feel cushioned in prayer, and my soul is at peace. My Bible is at hand, and as I read through all Our Lord’s healings of people, I feel His love coursing over me.

      To return to my usual wry humor, I have to say that this was NOT the Lenten penance I had in mind. But we don’t always get to pick our penances, which is a good thing, since we’d pick something easy and comfortable.

      Bless you all.

    3. It could be worse. You could get stuck watching “The View,” like Evelyn. Where does penance end and torture begin?

      We’ll keep on praying for you, Phoebe.

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