A Sure-Fire Way to Increase Your Audience

(Thanks to Susan for the tip)

Tucker Carlson asked, last night, why America’s airports, with their captive audiences waiting for their flights, show CNN–widely disrespected as a hotbed of left-biased fraudulent nooze and non-stop Trump bashing.

Well, fan my brow! CNN is in the airports because… CNN pays the airports for the privilege: $150,000 a year buys a lot of privilege.

Confound it! Why didn’t my publishers think of that! Think how many people would read my books if they were paid for doing it. But my publishers can’t go schnorring to George Soros every time they need more money; and besides which, that would be dirty money, tainting the hand that touches it.

Now we want to know why so many doctors’ offices, on their waiting room TV, show those awful soap operas.

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