Two Thoughts on the Latest School Shooting

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As terrible as they are, America’s school shootings pale to invisibility, compared to the violence done to people by their own governments throughout the 20th century (see above). Stalin, Mao, and Hitler were able to perpetrate these crimes because their people lacked the means of self-defense. In light of history, it’s never a good time to repeal the Second Amendment.

When my father was in school, and when I was in school, there were no incidents like this. If you had spoken to someone in 1959 about a “school shooting,” he would have said, “Huh?” He would not have known what you were talking about.

I heard an awful lot yesterday about this latest school shooting in Florida; but none of the commentators or noozies that I heard, no, not one, mentioned that such things inevitably happen when you destroy the moral foundation of society and debauch the nation’s character. Ordinary people do seem to understand that perfectly well, but they don’t have forums in the media.

Going back at least into the 1960s, The Smartest People in America have worked tirelessly to destroy Christian morality in America–and replace it with what? When you delete God from the equation, it doesn’t make sense anymore: you have cut off the source of morality. If I were to try to list all the absurd and dangerous things that have been done along those lines, I’d be here all day. But even that wouldn’t convince leftids and God-haters that their policies have been a cultural disaster.

Nevertheless, that’s what they are. Goya said the sleep of Reason breeds monsters. And surely the sleep of Faith and Decency breeds violence.

It would be good if we could re-awaken faith and decency. But I don’t think the Democrats will let us.

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    1. I don’t think I’m getting what you’re trying to say. I say liberals, by and large, oppose Christianity and try to undermine it. Are you saying that they don’t?

    2. Well, think of it this way.. I think there are conservatives that “might be druggies, some murder people, some actually call themselves Americans, and some might even be rapists… and some might actually be good people.” But I don’t presume to think one bit that ALL conservatives are like that. Can you share with me the written mantra the liberals follow that suggest they “all” are anti-Christian? Or is this simply passed down by secret handshake?
      Personally I think the greatest threat to Christian thought are Christians themselves.

    3. I’ve been fighting the culture war every day for years, and maybe it’s hardened my heart. But I think I can honestly say that if I saw Hillary Clinton drowning, I would try to save her; or if I found Chuck Schumer’s wallet on the sidewalk, I would return it to him with all contents intact.

      Even so, I hate the things they’ve been doing to my country.

    4. I in no way have ever thought average right wing conservatism is destroying my country (far right wing is another story). I firmly believe that Trump’s persona and total ineptness has triggered the divisiveness that I feel is in fact a threat to my country. In fact, our nation’s status as a world leader is faltering.. and that sickens me to no end. BUT… that last remark you posted to me.. gives me hope. I’ve mentioned many times… I don’t hate Trump as a human being.. I simply hate that he’s president and some obtuse movement attached themselves to his coat tails.

  1. I’ve been saying the same thing. Gun violence is merely a symptom, and gun control only treats the symptom, not the cause. Guns have been a part of our history since its founding, and they were always accessible. It used to be common for many public schools have gun clubs and even shooting ranges. Despite that, gun violence in schools is a relatively new phenomenon, in the past 3 decades or so. So what happened? They take God out of school and much of public life, they teach them they are here by accident, they deride the Bible which actually elevates human life. Those seeds are bearing their rotten fruit today.

  2. The Jr. & Sr. high schools in my town are sitting ducks for a mass shooting. I know because I am subbing there all the time. Anyone off the street can just walk on in. The Arkansas universities are allowed to have armed teachers if their board approves it. Why can’t our schools have the same protection our State buildings have, our airports have, or our large sporting events have? I know schools in Chicago & St. Louis have metal detectors. Unfortunately as mental illness continues to increase in our secular culture these horrific events will continue to happen. P,S. Someone needs to be fired for not following through in investigating Nicolas Kruz.

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