Get a Load of This

Dumpster-diving, anyone?

Well, first get a look at the competition. This gigantic wild pig, filmed behind a school in Hong Kong, is almost as big as the dumpster. Her babies aren’t exactly little, either. Imagine looking out the window and seeing this!

7 comments on “Get a Load of This

    1. And they’re certainly much bigger that the Piney Rooters in North Florida, and they aren’t small, by any means. This is one huge hawg!

    1. Fixed–but I mean, really, this is just so flaming stupid, to have “comments off” as the default position, so that I have to do an extra step to turn them on… Grrrr!

    2. It makes no sense at all. I wonder if they even realize they foisted that on you. Such a nuisance.

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