‘It’s Poop!’

You might’ve seen this video already, but it’ll still make you laugh when you see it again. Mommy can’t convince her little boy that that thing on his plate is dinner. “It’s poop!” he replies, again and again.

I can’t endorse as wisdom the decision to give such a little kid such a large meal, with chips thrown in. But he isn’t going to eat it anyhow. “It’s poops! See?”

5 comments on “‘It’s Poop!’

  1. This poor little guy just isn’t buying it! It’s poop and that’s all there is to it! LOL I remember this video and it’s just as funny today 🙂

  2. His mother would find people just like her in congress. Eat the poop – it’s the law. I’d like to see what’s on HER plate!

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