More Cats & Babies

I tag these videos “Sanity Medicine” for a reason. There’s so much insanity around; and the cellar is flooded with wickedness. But this is God’s stuff. It’s good. It’s sane. Cats and babies, and a little glimpse into what the Lord has in store for us, when he restores and regenerates Creation. And all that bad stuff will be gone. Forever.


3 comments on “More Cats & Babies

  1. It’s always amazed me that cats, whom are hunters by nature, know to be gentle with human babies. It can only be of Divine origin. The little hunter curled up next to me right now was, not an hour ago, crouched and stalking her cat toys as if they were prey, but is now as docile as any creature on earth and she seems to really appreciate even a simple stroke of her fur.

  2. Sweet is as sweet does. Funny, but this video reminds me of the funeral of Billy Graham I watched on TV today. Billy longed for Heaven, his true home, but had to endure almost 100 years of life in this fallen world first. I imagine him in Heaven like a new-born. I am sure all his trials were well worth his reward.

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