‘Be Thou My Vision’ (Norton Hall Band)


Be Thou My Vision has been one of my favorite hymns ever since I first heard it, as a boy. But it’s a lot older than that. This Irish hymn is from the Eighth Century. Think about that. It was 300 years old when William the Conqueror set sail for England. And it can be performed with modern instruments and still lose absolutely nothing in the translation–as proved here by the Norton Hall Band. I would very much like for this particular hymn to stay with me all day today.

4 comments on “‘Be Thou My Vision’ (Norton Hall Band)

  1. Thank you I love this one, too. The hymns and worship songs are the very best feature among all the posts. Much better than discouraging
    news. Tons of people are posting that junk, not many are posting songs
    and hymns honoring our Lord. Keep them coming. I will search out some more to suggest.

    1. Beautiful – and this young lady has a wonderful lilting voice.

      You certainly do write it well, Lee. Your job is to be a watchman and that, unfortunately, includes the yucky stuff produced by this fallen world.

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