Another Censorship ‘Mistake’

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I’ve often said these are hard times for satirists. No sooner do you create something way too exaggerated to be true, than some leftid ninny actually says it or does it.

A Christian satire site, The Babylon Bee, made satirical fun of CNN, reporting that the nooze giant “purchased an industrial-sized washing machine to help its journalists and news anchors spin the news before publication” (

Because leftids have no sense of humor, some of them complained to Facebook, which went to its go-to fact-checker… Snopes, another nest of leftids. Snopes flagged the satire as “fake news,” genuinely intended to deceive, and Facebook  issued the Bee a stern warning–

Which had to be withdrawn as soon as someone realized the “fake news” was, in fact, a satire. And Facebook apologized for the “mistake” and rescinded the warning.

Why are there suddenly so many censorship “mistakes” being made by the social media?

And why are all of them made exclusively at the expense of conservatives? Why do these guys never make a “mistake” that censors leftids?

And why can’t these muttonheads recognize satire when they see it?

4 comments on “Another Censorship ‘Mistake’

  1. I only wish this were a ‘mistake’. There’s an all-out war against conservative free speech in all public forums. Most of these shills are paid to troll around looking for conservatives to silence. And they really hope that those targeted won’t fight back. In fact, many of those that have been targeted on YouTube and elsewhere are fighting back – actually hiring attorneys. These leftid loons are determined to destroy our way of life obviously unaware they’re enslaving themselves in the process.

  2. Like you said, they have no sense of humor. Only Christians know true joy. Demos Shakarian wrote a book about the story of his life called “The Happiest People On Earth.” Rejoice always is our mantra.

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