And We Have a Winner!

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Rejoice, “Unknowable,” for you have won the comment contest! By posting Comment No. 25,000 on this blog, you have won an autographed copy of The Silver Trumpet.

What? What’s that? The confounded thing’s still at the printer’s? Well, that’s embarrassing!

Okay, look, tell you what I’ll do. You can either wait for The Silver Trumpet, which should’ve been ready by now, or you can choose one of the earlier books in the series. Can’t say fairer than that, can I? Let me know via email.

7 comments on “And We Have a Winner!

  1. Congratulations, Unknowable. It is fun to go to your mailbox and find one
    of these treasures.

  2. Wow! A two time winner. That’s pretty good fortune on my part. My secret is that I program my computer to answer randomly, 400 times a day. 🙂 Just kidding.

  3. Another winning post. I guess lightning can strike twice. 🙂 If you have a copy of The Cellar Beneath The Cellar, I’d love to have it in print (as opposed to Kindle). If not, I’ll be glad to wait for The Silver Trumpet.

    I’m in Las Vegas at the moment, which is Sin City, which means that it’s a real drag if you don’t intend to sin. A dear friend of mine lives here, cared for by her daughter. The friend was recently diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor, but is handling it with dignity and faith. Once she leaves us, her hope will be in the Restitution of all Things and she is firm in this hope. We’ve spent the last two days reminiscing about our friendship, at least during the moments she’s strong enough to talk. I’m not happy to lose her, but she’s 84 years old and I know that I have to let go sooner or later.

    The one silver lining is that she is not suffering, has no pain and sleeps a lot. My father had the same thing and the last month of his life he slept almost all the time. He died painlessly in his sleep. I pray the same for her.

    These have been trying times, but I’m bearing up. Your blog helps. I feel less isolated, knowing that there are others out there that see the depravity of this fallen world and want no part of it. A quick trip up I-15 through the center of Las Vegas is a good reminder of the level of depravity. Strip joints, casinos, quick loan agencies and overindulgence everywhere. Amen, come quickly Lord Jesus.

    On a lighter note, I’m including a delightful picture of a kitten. It’s not just any kitten, it’s my housemate, Lynn the Lynx-Point Siamese. The picture was taken two weeks ago, when she was 12 weeks old. Since then, her markings have become more distinct and her tabby-striped pointing is becoming ever more clear, much like a camera being focused. The little pink spot on her mouth is her lower lip, which has always been pink with a little black spot right in the middle.

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