Birds Are Funny, Too

There is one bird in this video who’s not joking, not playing around. In fact, he’s somebody you want with you if you have to walk through poisonous snake country. That’s the secretary bird, the big bird having it out with the rubber cobra: and their mission in life is to kill and eat snakes–even the most dangerous ones.

The other birds are just having a good time.

3 comments on “Birds Are Funny, Too

  1. That last one was hilarious. Now, science has tried to convince us that animals don’t think and that everything we see is blind instinct and evolutionary advantage, but you can’t convince me that these birds aren’t having a great time. They also have a sense of self and aren’t afraid to vocalize their preferences. They even share our enjoyment of music.

  2. My wife & I visited one of our church members at the Methodist Village rehab center, and by the front door is a large glass aviary with about 10 colorful finches flying around. It is so cool. A real winner in helping to raise the spirits of thehome’s occupants.

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