Clever Critters

Cats and dogs, goats and birds–they figure things out, they really do. They come up with original ideas for problem-solving. I suspect they’re smarter than whoever was standing there with a camera while the dog jumped up on the counter and fiddled with the microwave.

4 comments on “Clever Critters

  1. That last clip was a bit dodgy. I’ve always believed in not praising animals for doing something you wouldn’t want them doing all the time. The last thing I want is a dog playing with the micro.

    I’m always amazed by how cats have learned about door handles, as opposed to door knobs. Very smart. Every night, as soon as the door opens far enough to allow it, a certain cat sticks her paw through the crack in the door and pulls with all her might, hoping to get out before I catch her. 🙂

  2. Excellent! There are animals smarter than some people 🙂 The parakeet who knew his colors gets 5 stars!

  3. Right you are, Linda. Amazing to see such intelligence in creatures that
    people have always called “dumb”

  4. Was that a goat on the back of a donkey? – wow! People have to baby-proof their house when a new baby arrives: It looks like people need to cat-proof their house when a cat moves in 🙂

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