Down With Mother’s Day?

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On second thought, I won’t post any of those putrid images. How about a mated pair of cardinals instead? God’s stuff: it works an awful better than ours.

Oh, boy, more culture rot!

To achieve the fantastic end of making Mother’s Day “more transgender inclusive,” a British supermarket chain is selling “gender-neutral Mother’s Day cards” ( And a lot of the schools, of course, have hopped onto that bandwagon.

One of the cards–I’ll see if I can get an image, but if I can’t, you’ll see it if you click the link to the news article–proclaims, “2 Mums Are Better Than One!” One of the schools has changed the name of the holiday to “Special Persons Day.”

How has this happened to us? Our whole civilization seems to have fallen into the clutches of wack-jobs and lunatics who seek to dismantle everything that makes us human. And replace it with stupid stuff that they made up.

All of a sudden, to them, “mother”–“father,” too–is a bad thing, an offensive term. Because, like most words that actually mean something, it doesn’t mean just anything. It excludes everything that is not a mother. In sanity-land, that’s what words do. Otherwise they become useless for communication purposes.

Pray harder, sing louder, and speak the truth. God will hear us.

And He will remember that none of this was our idea.


7 comments on “Down With Mother’s Day?

  1. I haven’t even read your article yet but I had to say thank you for the breathtaking photo!

  2. Okay. Now I’ve read the article. The idea is to rid this world of the curse of the family unit. We must not be allowed o belong to a family, or even a true neighborhood, any longer. They offer too much protection (or at least they used to) from these commie nut cases who at every turn attempt to destroy the love, support and unity of family. Remember the immortal words of Hil-liary – it takes a village . . . .

    1. One of Karl Marx’s mantras was “abolish the family”. His Marxist ideology has permeated much of Western civilization and has seen a resurgence as of late in the form of political correctness. I guess the disasters of Communism wasn’t enough to dissuade people of how bad his ideas were. So it seems we are on the track to repeat history.

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