They Just Won’t Give Up on Global Warming…

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Well, we’re back to “Global Warming makes the winters colder,” this time from some “climbit scientist” at my alma mater, Rutgers University (

The authors of this study admit they don’t actually know why it gets so cold in the winter, but not to worry–they’re gonna keep on studying computer models till they figure it out. Who needs to study messy, unpredictable old Nature when you can study nice, cooperative computer models that can only act on the data that you yourself put into them?

Periodically Rutgers calls to ask me for money. I laugh hysterically. If I’ve got money to give to the looniversity, I don’t deserve to have any money.

Why don’t the Climbit Change crowd just pack it in? Because they see in this the magic elixir for creating a world government with themselves lording it over the entire human race. That’s worth any amount of hard work, ain’t it? One you’re in the business of Saving The Planet, everything you do is justified. Liberals can’t resist it. Slave labor, mass graves, brainwashing–the time-honored apparatus of leftid utopia–something about that stuff really turns them on.

Please, everybody! Never, never, never again let Democrats ever take power in this country! Because that’ll be the end. This time they’ll make sure it is.

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  1. Actually, the picture you chose for this article is beautiful. I think these exceptionally cold winters we’ve had have swayed the conversation from ‘global warming’ to ‘climate change’ because those talking heads who’ve come up with this scheme, while they are idiots, realize we are not. Thus we have climate change. Brrrrrr . . .

    A news report just came in and is in progress. A bridge collapsed at Florida International University in Miami (Sweetwater) – fatalities, cars trapped, many injuries. Pray for those people please everyone.

  2. As for the Climbit Change crowd, they will never give up, because all they seek is whatever gets them to their goals. They’ll change the game any way they can, to get attention for their cause.

    That’s a real shame about Florida. Looks like it’s only been in place for a few days.

    1. Yes. It’s a pedestrian bridge which was apparently supposed to connect FIU with Sweetwater. Sad.

  3. More people die from the weather in cold temperatures than warm. CO2 is turned into Oxygen by plants – they thrive on the stuff. God controls the planet, not man. He has made a covenant with mankind and set a rainbow in the sky as an emblem of it. God is faithful – man not so much.

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