Dog Teaches Baby to Bounce

Do they make these for adults, too?

Watch the dog teach the baby how to bounce. I’m sure I never saw a dog do that kind of jump before. But the baby gets it!

There are a few things I would rather not have a dog teach my baby, if I had one. Still, you could do worse than have a fuzzy mentor.

5 comments on “Dog Teaches Baby to Bounce

    1. I think you showed this one once before. This time I studied it – or, more accurately, the dog. It looks rather like the dog is jumping at the baby’s shadow, much like a fox or coyote does looking for prey underground or under the snow. In any case, it’s sure cute! 🙂

    2. Patty noticed that, too. I didn’t. And you’re right, I did show it once before. But that was a while ago, and we have a lot of new viewers with us, so I thought it’d be fun.

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