Good Grief! The Giant Baboon

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You’ve got to admit a baboon as big as a grown man would be an alarming proposition.

Hi, Mr. Nature here, with Dinopithecus, the giant baboon. Granted, we only know this creature from bits of bone and fossil teeth, with nothing anywhere near a full skeleton; but if you’ve seen one set of baboon teeth, you’ve seen ’em all. At least that’s what I hear.

Dinopithecus teeth have been found in Ethiopia, but no living Dinopithecus has been found anywhere. I don’t care what they say about Capitol Hill in Washington.

God doesn’t make baboons in this size anymore; but I’m sure He’s kept the blueprints.

4 comments on “Good Grief! The Giant Baboon

    1. Don’t you think any baboon of any size anywhere would give all the Washington D.C. idiocracy a run for their money? 🙂

      I must admit, one the size of a man would be mighty intimidating!

  1. If they can derive the DNA from those fossil teeth then they would have the blueprint. Since scientists are wanting to create the superman, why not the super ape at the same time.

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