Whoa, Canada!

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Castro’s the one with the beard. Trudeau’s the other tyrant.

It used to be that tyrants were content to tell you what you couldn’t say. But that’s not enough for them anymore. Now they want to tell you what you must say.

In Canada, if you’re a student who wants in on the Canada Summer Jobs grant program–you’re not gonna believe this–you have to declare your support for abortion as being part of your “core mandate” (http://ottawacitizen.com/news/politics/a-churchs-core-mandate-must-be-pro-choice-to-access-summer-jobs-grant-employment-minister-says/wcm/1a270a5e-1bc6-42cd-8883-2c5f938f9c4f). If you or your church does not support abortion, then you can’t get a grant.

A lawsuit has already been filed.

Some 70,000 students are expected to receive grants–but only if they’re all aboard for abortion. If you don’t check the abortion box on the application, get lost!

Canada’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau, laughs off the controversy as a “kerfuffle.” I mean, really, why shouldn’t you have to say you support abortion, if you want to work this summer?

And don’t be too surprised if they expand this to cover “gay marriage,” too.

Five hundred years ago, the Japanese government required Dutch traders to trample on the cross before they could do business in that country.

Now Canada does the same.

5 comments on “Whoa, Canada!

    1. I guess we have to tip the hat to him for coming on here and disagreeing with everybody. I wonder what would happen if any of us visited a leftid blog and spoke a contrary word.

      Y’know, I was appalled when I learned of this. It’s a bit thick even for Canada.

      But we do the same thing here: bake the custom wedding cake for the lesbian pseudomarriage, or be destroyed by the government.

  1. What a shame. Canada was once such a beautiful and free country, now
    this rotten mess. I have good friends who were born there, wanted to return to join relatives, but after seeing the recent developments, I doubt they will still want to go.

    1. If I were trying to do this job in Canada, I’d be shut down. Wait’ll they ask themselves, “Why should this only apply to summer jobs for students? Why not make it apply to **all** jobs in Canada?”

      And having disarmed the people’ some years ago, they can do this with impunity.

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