‘Christ the Lord is Risen Today’

Hymn by Charles Wesley, 1739, Christ the Lord is Risen Today–one of the all-time classic Easter hymns, here sung a capella by the Yoder Family from St. John’s, Michigan. Yes, I know it’s not Easter yet. But we can always play this hymn again on Easter Sunday.

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  1. Ah, one of my favorites!

    Thank you, everyone, for your prayers. I seem to be recovering from my second (and hideous) case of flu, and now my dentist is working on the infection in my mouth, which may or not be treatable with the medicine she’s prescribed for me, depending on whether the problem is the contained one that it seems to be, or whether it’s a reinfection of an old root canal under a bridge — which seems oddly geographic, or maybe topographic, in nature, and reminds me of some old 1950s popular song, although I can’t place the association.

    I think the numbing agent has numbed my brain, so I’ll stop writing. Meanwhile, thank you again, Lee, for this hymn. And thank you again, everyone, for your prayers. This blog is such a comfortable place to come home to.

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