‘Christ the Lord Is Risen Today’

I promised a while ago to run Christmas and Easter hymns throughout the year–so here’s an Easter hymn: Christ the Lord Is Risen Today, sung by the Yoder Family. Glorious background sets by God the Father, our Creator.

‘Christ the Lord Is Risen Today’

To me this hymn is indispensable to any celebration of Easter–Christ the Lord Is Risen Today, by Charles Wesley–sung here by the Yoder Family. Written in the 18th century and still going strong!

Happy Easter, everybody. Christ is risen indeed.

By Request, ‘O Come All Ye Faithful’

It’s still the Christmas season here!

Requested by Phoebe: O Come All Ye Faithful, sung by the Yoder Family. Background sets by God the Father.

I wish our camera worked so I could show you our Christmas tree.

By Request, ‘Angels We Have Heard on High’

All right–let’s post all four Christmas carols and see what happens to the viewer numbers. Let’s post ’em all and see if it can get us into the spirit!

Requested by SlimJim–Angels We Have Heard on High, sung by the Yoder Family. And if you’re not moved by the Lord’s background sets, maybe you’d better check if you can fog a mirror.

By Request, ‘Silent Night’

I might’ve posted this not so long ago, but I can’t help it–I can’t resist the hymn itself and the gorgeous background scenery, the Lord’s handiwork.

Requested by Katheleen: Silent Night, sung by the Yoder Family. I’ve been hearing this carol all my life, and it’s never lost its luster.

By Request, ‘Silent Night’

It’s the only Carol Contest entry we have so far today, but it’s a nice one–Silent Night, sung by the Yoder Family, requested by Phoebe. We really couldn’t have Christmas without Silent Night, could we? (Well, of course we could! But you know what I mean.)

By Request, ‘O Come, O Come, Emmanuel’

I learned this hymn in a public school, back when hymns were still allowed.

Requested by Phoebe–O Come, O Come, Emmanuel, a 12th century hymn, sung by the Yoder Family (couldn’t re-unite our Grade 7 chorus).

Should I post any more carols today, or hold them back for tomorrow?

By Request, ‘Christ the Lord Is Risen Today’

Requested by SlimJim, this glorious Easter hymn by Charles Wesley–Christ the Lord Is Risen Today, sung by the Yoder Family. Nothing beats a churchful of congregants, and a choir, singing this on a sunny Easter morning!

(P.S.–Patty says the laptop’s ready. Here goes…)

Reaching Back to Christmas

Look at this flaming mess we call our world today! Anyone would think we didn’t have a Savior.

As I tried to pray just now, this came into my mind–Hark the Herald Angels Sing. Yeah, I know it isn’t Christmas anymore. But then it’s always Christmas, if Jesus Christ is born to us, in our hearts, every day. Read the lyrics: don’t they apply to all 365 days of the year?

“Oh, what’s that poor fool doing, trotting out a Christmas carol in March?”

Well, I think we need it! I know I do.

Sung by the Yoder Family. I say, Amen.

By Request, ‘Take Thou My Hand, O Father’

This is a hymn requested by Susan, but I lost the original link in a welter of email, so I hope I’ve somehow come up with what was asked for: Take Thou My Hand, O Father, sung by the Yoder Family.