Is There a Life Coach in the House?

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We don’t have a donkey, but it’s not so hard to find an ass.

Today on my computer screen, heaven knows where it came from, was some kind of ad exhorting me to consult a Life Coach to get “attuned to your higher self.” Hey, how many selves have I got?

This is one of those shameful post-Christian things that people get into because they need a substitute for the true religion, Christianity. Oops! Looks like I’ve committed a microaggression there–speaking of my religion as if I believed it to be true. When everyone who’s hip and enlightened knows you’re not supposed to believe the things you believe in. A Life Coach could probably straighten you out.

Whole civilizations have arisen, flourished, and done great things without benefit of even a single Life Coach. I suspect the last twenty years or so contain all the Life Coaches that have ever been. And what we’ve got to show for that, I wouldn’t show to a dog.

8 comments on “Is There a Life Coach in the House?

  1. One thing that comes readily to mind, when I hear about this is the fact that someone whose chooses a life coach is putting another person in a position where they can exert tremendous influence. If you put yourself in the hands of others, it is important that you choose wisely, or you could be influenced negatively.

    One example which comes to mind was Beach Boy, Brian Wilson, and his psychologist. Allegedly, the psychologist took over Wilson’s life to the point that he had control over Wilson’s finances. Eventually, the law became involved and Wilson got his life back, but that only happened after a great deal of harm had been done and a great deal of money had been sent to this shrink. Not a good situation.

    I’ll let the Creator be my life coach, thank you very much.

  2. I’ve seen this guy’s videos. He’s hilarious; he makes parodies of hippy and New Age nonsense.

  3. Last night on the return of Roseann Barr’s rebooted TV comedy after 20 years, her sister is living with them who is a Life Coach. It is very funny to watch the big Trump supporter, Roseann, lay into the Progressive sister about her irrational statements. In one scene, Roseann says Grace at the Conner family dinner and ends her prayer by thanking God for “making America great again.”

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