My Newswithviews Column, March 29 (‘Watch Canada, Because We’re Next’)

A lot of really bad stuff starts in Canada and Britain and is then imported here. So we should watch those countries closely.

The eagerness with which leftids attack their own country is truly frightening.

6 comments on “My Newswithviews Column, March 29 (‘Watch Canada, Because We’re Next’)

  1. As you say, it’s already started here with the mandatory participation in gay “weddings.” And in California, there’s now a law (currently being challenged in court) that crisis pregnancy centers, which are devoted to helping women avoid abortions, must advertise abortions and provide women with telephone numbers and addresses of abortion providers. In our State-supported schools and colleges, too, students must parrot the leftist party line or else fail the course — or even be suspended or expelled.

    In other words, either wear the number of the Beast or be punished.

  2. How about the original Obamacare? If you didn’t want to buy health insurance, you had to pay a fine. Kind of the same idea of, if you want a job you have to confess what we dictate.

  3. Their days are numbered. The liberal party has historic lows on approval ratings, right across the board. There’s also no shortage of media pundits jumping on the bandwagon. Let’s keep fingers crossed!

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