A Meditation: Our Shattered Culture

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It’s a lot easier to destroy a sculpture than it is to create one. Easier to trash a room than clean it up. Any fool can do it.

And it’s easier to wreck a culture than it is to build it.

I was born in a country inhabited by men and women. Now I live in one dominated by freaks. The change happened in my own lifetime, right before my eyes, and yet I can’t explain what happened. All I think I know is that the 1960s came along and after that, we never got our nation’s mojo back.

Today behaviors once, for centuries and even millenia, regarded as wicked and abominable are now deemed praiseworthy, or at the very least, unremarkable. Our very language is tossed upside-down, and not a day goes by but we’re called upon to “celebrate” some new confusion.

Some of us try to put things right again, but we don’t seem to make much headway: again because it’s always so much easier to tear down than to build up. What’s there to do, though, but to keep on trying? At least we kept Hillary Clinton out of the White House. That was something, and it is worth very much. But the deconstruction of our nation continues: the Left is deeply invested in it. They can always turn out a mob for any occasion, no matter how ridiculous.

Pray harder, sing louder, and tell the truth. It may be God will hear us.

The day that this will stop is already marked on His calendar.

5 comments on “A Meditation: Our Shattered Culture

  1. It has long seemed to be that the turning point came in the sixties. Somewhere between the Beatles on Sullivan (02/64) and the Summer of Love (1967) our culture started listening to all of the voices that wanted to tear it down. We are but a shell of who we were at the beginning of the ’60s.

  2. “I was born in a country inhabited by men and women. Now I live in one dominated by freaks.”

    “And if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee…” If this is not your country anymore then why continue the stress and not just find a better one?

    Sounds like simply yet another Christian passing judgment on his fellow man.

  3. Donald Trump being elected President and undoing the 8 years of Obama’s unAmericanism just might be the pendulum starting to swing back in the correct direction. As the alphabet channels continue to lose their monopoly on the News, the truth of Christ and His Kingdom is becoming unchained, so to speak. More and more Christian channels are being developed. This blog is one of them!!

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