Now They’re Going After ‘Christian Privilege’

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Let’s see what the chip-on-the-shoulder industry, aka our nation’s universities, has added to the menu now.

George Washington University–if Washington were alive today, he’d be leading an army against these people–will be hosting a 90-minute “training session” to combat “Christian privilege” and all the “unmerited perks” enjoyed by Christians in America (

The “seminar” will be led by the looniversity’s LBGTQIA–they keep adding letters to it–resources director, and among other crapola, will focus on “LGBTQIA diversity and inclusion.” It is a project of the school’s Multicultural Student Services Center.

Obviously GWU has way too much money. Way too much.

Oh–they also say the problem is “white people.” But then it’s always white people. No racial animosity here, folks.

And you send your sons and daughters to these institutions because _________? Go ahead, fill in the blank. While you’re at it, see if you can spot the hate-mongers.

If anyone comes out of college sane, it’s got to be a systemic failure.

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  1. Hmmmm? So someone whom embraces a philosophy which promotes moderation and personal responsibility should be hindered because of the good that comes from these choices? No house divided against itself can stand.

  2. Any group that’s the subject (or should I say target?) of a whole conference condemning it, with no defense allowable and agreement mandatory, doesn’t have any “privilege.”

    This is the obverse of something I used to protest among my colleagues at the University when they talked about how they were “oppressed” — whether because of their sex, their race, or some other “oppressed” flavor of the week. I always said that truly oppressed people don’t stand up in public and rail at their oppressors; if they do, they wind up hauled off to the gulag or killed on the spot. So long as my colleagues felt safe while complaining about being oppressed, and even got raises, they weren’t oppressed.

    This is why I quickly became persona non grata in my department — in addition to my being known as pro-life, conservative, and (horror of horrors) an “unrepentant” Vietnam veteran. (The adjective “unrepentant” was theirs.) Thank goodness for tenure, or I would have been out on the street. Today I’d probably be physically assaulted.

    1. Today belonging to any one of several Cherished Minorities entitles you to abuse and rail at persons you perceive as being in a majority, which makes them oppressors–even if all they do is get pushed around and yelled at.

      You were lucky your tenure protected you. Another friend of mine, a professor of the history of science, got canned in spite of having tenure. As an officer of his local Right to Life Chapter, he was an Enemy of the People and an oppressor and certainly should not be allowed to make a living.

      If the history of the lamentable 20th century teaches us anything at all, it should teach us that nuts like this will kill us if they think they can get away with it–if they are able to seize the state and fundamentally transform it into a prison with themselves as jailers.

    2. The oppressed and the oppressors is nothing but Marxist dogma. They take a group, make them feel angst against another group, then pit them against each other. Such thinking adds absolutely nothing to society. All it achieves is perpetual contention and division. But the Marxists believe conflict is a good thing. One of the earmarks of the Communist Soviet Union is there was perpetual internal revolutions. They always needed a foil to keep the narrative going, and it led to endless bloodshed.

  3. Many blacks & Hispanics are Christians so how does all this jive with White Privilege? There people already have one oar in the water as they go over the waterfall. There is nothing educational about them – they are propagandists.

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