Rated PG for…’Historical Smoking’??

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Let’s see… U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy (Democrat, Massachusetts) picks up a girl at a party, gets drunk, and as they drive off together, the glorious leader drives into the water. He gets out and runs away, spends the night trying to think of a way to save his political career–while the girl, abandoned to her fate, slowly drowns. Our nooze media wound up calling Kennedy “the lion of the Senate.” Wonderful.

This is the subject of a newly-released feature film, Chappaquiddick. I think “Chappaquiddick” is a Native American word for ‘My political career is much more important than your life.’ And given the sheer seediness of the story, the film is rated PG…for Historical Smoking.

See, the story is from 1969 and some of the characters in it are shown SMOKING, Eeee-yahh! The horror, the horror! Give us sex, give us drownings, give us heartless narcissism on a silver platter

–but don’t show us anybody smoking! Millions of our kids are gonna die because they saw smoking in a movie!

Oh, please. We get this from the same crowd of Democrats who are pushing for the legalization of marijuana as if their lives depended on it. Colorado, California, New Jersey soon to follow–why, smoking pot is just okay!

And we get it from the same freaks in Hollywood who never met a sexual aberration that they didn’t like and want to foist on children. Imagine getting lectured on morality by some pervert from the Disney Corp. How insulting.

Now, I am sure to hear from some leftid who’s going to say, “You support smoking! You hate children! You want them all to die!”

So much nicer to abort them! And then sell the parts. And put the ones who are still alive into “comprehensive sex education” to teach them the joys of transgenderism.

I’ll give up my bad habit if you’ll give up yours.


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6 responses to “Rated PG for…’Historical Smoking’??

  • Watchman

    I never understood how we went from demonizing tobacco, to legalizing marijuana like its the best thing since sliced bread. How do they justify one, and not the other?


  • UnKnowable

    That is laughable. Apparently presenting something as it was during the time it happened now requires explanation. I haven’t seen this movie and am waiting to hear some reviews. Some of the historic movies involving the Kennedys are so divorced from fact as to be nothing more than a whitewash. Time will tell.


  • Linda Sorci

    Funny, isn’t it? The ‘no smoking’ crowd is, in many cases, the very same crowd hailing the legalization of pot. And they rationalize it – yes, they’ve figured out how to do that. They say that smoking pot isn’t really smoking. Who knew?!

    As for the ‘incident’ at Chappaquiddick, I haven’t seen the movie either but I tend to agree with unknowable. History is in the eye of the writer of it, regardless of truth or reality. The Kennedys have had their share of rewrites. One thing that bothers me is not having heard more from Maryjo’s parents, which always made me wonder if the Kennedy name scared them off. What a heartbreak. What a tragedy.


  • David Ingram

    If Ted Kennedy had been a conservative Republican, the movie probably would have been made after about five years, especially if he had the audacity to run in the primaries for President.


  • NeoconsNailed

    Or is ‘chappaquiddick” Indian for “nobody will ever know she was pregnant”?

    Please don’t say “native American”. They’re native Asians.

    “leftid” — cool neologism!


  • southernactivism

    Or is ‘chappaquiddick’ Indian for ‘nobody will ever know she was pregnant’?

    Please don’t say ‘native American’ — they’re Asiatic.

    ‘leftid’ — cool neologism :-]


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