‘Rutgers Students Need Group Therapy after Exposure to Someone Else’s Opinion’ (2016)

It’s hard for me to express the shame I feel, as a graduate of Rutgers. It was bad enough when I finished my college career in 1971; and they have, like Scrooge’s chain, labored on it ever since.


Again I ask–what are we supposed to do with these millions of completely useless college grads, ten years down the road?

Racing at the speed of time toward the towering cliff-face of a dreadful social problem…

2 comments on “‘Rutgers Students Need Group Therapy after Exposure to Someone Else’s Opinion’ (2016)

  1. I can’t help but wonder what is going to happen to business and industry,
    government, everything that has made this country what it is. Everywhere, we see industry on the edge of disaster, and the only thing that is keeping any brake at all on the process is that there are still enough people of the “older generation” who understand how things work to keep the whole process from going over the cliff. When the last of these people are history, it seems the whole productivity process will be over the cliff with them.
    People who dance and sing, laugh, joke and curse in the aisles of stores when they should be stocking shelves (which are mostly empty) and hide in their locker rooms texting on their “smart phones” while things pile up dangerously in the work place, and many other examples like these, we can only say, pray, and even though we know the increasing disasters that are coming upon the world at the very end, plead COME, LORD JESUS!

    1. You’re so right, Erlene. This bunch of indoctrinated sissies will wind up with the communism they think they want. But where oh where will the safe spaces be then? We and our children will be the last of those who understand what we are in the process of losing.

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