A Great Cartoon I Never Drew

Gary Larsen retired from drawing his The Far Side cartoons in 1995. This idea would have been a natural for him.

First watch the chameleon catch bugs. Zap! Then imagine a table with a Thanksgiving dinner, all the different goodies on various plates and bowls. Then, instead of human beings, imagine a group of chameleons assembled round the table. And then, instead of “Please pass the stuffing” or whatever… all the chameleons cut loose with their tongues, all at once, zap-zap-zap, all across the table. I can visualize it, but alas, I can’t draw it.

I don’t know about you, but I find chameleons very cute and appealing. Great big eyes and all.

4 comments on “A Great Cartoon I Never Drew

  1. I’m imagining a whole mass of chameleon tongues tangled up over the sweet potatoes in the middle of the table. 🙂

  2. Great video.

    I agree, that would make a great cartoon. I’ve had a few ideas of that sort myself, but I can barely draw water for a bath. Gary Larson’s drawing skills were pretty crude in the beginning, but I think that he rapidly grew into new and better skills. He is now much more interested in being a jazz guitarist than a cartoonist. I guess that if you have an exceptionally valuable back-catalog of beloved cartoons you can afford to be a jazz musician. 🙂

  3. Many of those The Far Side cartoons were really good. Others, you would think about them for weeks and never really figure out the joke. I guess you could say they were Zen, if you wanted to be thought of as hip.

  4. Maybe you could explain your idea to the talented fellow who does your cover art. I’ll bet he could bring it to life 🙂

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