Baby and Kitten

What–that cute little chameleon didn’t do it for you? You want something… well, fuzzier?

All right, here’s a baby and a kitten cuddling each other. They’re going to grow up together, although the cat will do it ever so much faster. But what a bond they’ll have!

Thank you, Our Heavenly Father, for creating this. We never would’ve thought of it.

4 comments on “Baby and Kitten

  1. That is absolutely wonderful. Two very young creatures enjoying one another’s company. The little fellow seems to instinctively know how to pet a cat and the littler fellow seems to know how to allow himself to be petted. I also agree, it’s never too early to become a cat person. 🙂

  2. Awwww….. Thanks for this, Lee. I was just about to shut down my system when it came through, and it’s made a lovely close to the day.

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